The house is situated in Ardèche des Sources et Volcans, a varied landscape of hills, mountains, volcanoes, springs and rivers. This is part of a beautiful vast area Parc Natural Régional de Monts d’Ardèche.

Around the house you will encounter basalt formations along the riverside, which are typical for this vulcanic area. Some miles downstream you can visit a 12th century castle, Le Ventadour. Nearby, spring water of the same name is bottled. No hordes of tourists in this quiet valley.

The landscape of the southern part of the Ardeche is varied: high plateaus and low plains, hills and mountains, volcanoes and craters, rivers and waterfalls, gorges and caves with stalactites and paintings. The greenery is equally varied: fruit trees and vines, fields of flowers, all kinds of trees especially millions of chestnut trees. The chestnut is a real hero in gastronomy Ardechois.

Some nature highlights are Mont Gerbier de Jonc, waterfall Ray-Pic, mountain river La Besorgues with slides and basins to swim in, limestone plateau with forest and rock formations Bois de Païolive, and the famous Gorges de l’Ardeche.

The area offers a variety in more or less challenging routes for both walking and cycling. Mountain climbing, canyoning and canoeing are options as well. Along the rivers are countless places to sunbathe, swim and paddle. Also nearby: an adventure forest in Jaujac and an open-air swimming pool with mountain view in Vals-les-Bains. In Neyrac-les-Bains and Vals-les-Bains you can find thermal spas.

Charming villages in the area are for example Antraigues-sur-Volane, Jaujac, Vals les Bain, Joyeuse, Vogüé, Mirabel, Balazuc and Labeaume. If you would like to make a day trip, Avignon with its historic center and annual art festival is recommended. You could also dip your feet into the Mediterranean, which is a 2½ hour drive from the house.

Up-to-date overviews of local markets and brocantes can be found on the website. We listed some of the local restaurants within a 5-15 minute drive on the site, see ‘Links’.

In the house you can find a folder with more (detailed) information.